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Ragga Gröndal

Ragga Gröndal

Icelandic Indie Jazz Folk

Ragnheiður Gröndal – vocals, piano

Guðmundur Pétursson – guitars
Haukur Gröndal – clarinet

Claudio Spieler – percussion

“Ragga Gröndal was a killer follow-up and a theatrical vocalist. She sings with expansive range and she sounds like a trained jazz singer, which she is. She shifts from high, staccato melodies to holding a note for breathless stretches and experiments with sounds that draw simultaneously from folk and R&B. The performance she put on at Gamli Gaukurinn last night was Harpa-worthy, so seeing her in a bar/club made it feel like we were getting away with something special.”

Review on Airwaves Music Festival Iceland 10/2013


The sound of Ragga Gröndal’s music is warm, adventurous and modern, yet accessible for curious music-lovers. At the heart of it is Ragga’s unique vocal expression who has been described as one of Iceland’s most remarkable vocalists. Ragga Gröndal has worked with the same musicians for a decade and together they have toured all over Europe and created many beautiful and unforgettable moments. The band consists of musicians who are all independent artists in their own right. Their live shows portray each individual’s personality and strengths and the interplay between the voice, clarinet, percussion and guitar create a colourful landscape of sonic experience. Each and every concert becomes a unique journey between the musi- cians, the audience and the performance space.

The longing to share music with the world is a part of a bigger collective dream that music can have the power to unite people who come from a different background. Music holds the key to understanding and compassion and is the strongest available medicine for the soul.


“Ragga creates her own universe of sound. Like Miles Davis ́ trumpet, Ragga’s voice floats above the music.”
“Breathless silence. The audience is spellbound. By this music. By this woman. She is a radiant musical northern light.”
Heinz Bayer, Salzburger Nachrichten 2019

“Her angelic and crystal-like voice left the audience speechless and sent chills through the room as she sang beautiful Icelandic melodies.”
Mary Connor, Columbia College Chicago, Iceland Airwves 2017

“Ragga Gröndal is one of those remarkable voices of Iceland.”
Eelco Schilder, Folk World

Headerbild: Heinz Bayer, Contentbild: Heinz Bayer

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