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Konnakol - the universal rhythm language

Konnakol lessons

Learn konnakol - the universal rhythm language from South India - online via skype or zoom

Konnakol - the universal rhythm language

Konnakol has established itself to a universal rhythm language. It enhances our feel for time, pulse and groove and enables us to vocalise and memorise rhythmic phrases of high complexity.

Musicians and dancers all over the world use konnakol to share musical ideas. One doesn't even need a musical instrument to practice or perform konnakol. You can practically recite the syllables anywhere - on the train, walking in the park or lying at the beach.

Konnakol is the spoken reference to all South-Indian drums.

Three-Speed Exercises in Adi Tala

Each of these exercises is presented in three speeds against the steady tala, following the principle of doubling. This three-speed-formula is called "trikalam" in Carnactic music.

Here an overview of the phrases we are going to use:

  • Ex 1: 3 + 5 Ta ki ta Ta din gi na tom
  • Ex 2: 2 + 6 Ta ka Ta din ● gi na tom
  • Ex 3: 1 + 7 Ta Ta ● din ● gi na tom
  • Ex 4: 0 + 8 Ta din ● gi ● na ● tom

Scroll down for audio examples and written out music for all four exercises.

Online classes for konnakol – simply via Skype or Zoom


Enjoy vocalising rhythms with konnakol.

Konnakol & kanjira videos

Konnakol composition by Selvaganesh & Konnakol in the afro-cuban son clave

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